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The purpose of this project is to open a discussion on the topic of virtue ethics and its connection to user experience design. The website is continuously updated, and if you have any feedback on the approach, and suggestions for improvements, you are very welcome to contribute. You can send an email below.
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In the following months the website will add a section with articles, where UXD and ethics will be discussed in a more practical manner. If you would like to stay updated, you can susbcribe to the newsletter here:
An example of an upcoming article
Social media and the need for appreciation: A vital topic is how design intersects with mental health. A rather common topic associated with social media is the unhealthy need for appreciation and its potential to do harm to one’s psyche (especially with adolescents and people with mental disorders). Dependency on likes, comparing oneself to others or pleasing others are considered non-productive ways of building one’s self esteem. The article will discuss the origins of this unhealthy need for appreciation and how we can turn our attention to self-appreciation and self-compassion, and by that possibly lower our dependency on social media.